Monday, December 30, 2013

The Happy New Year Twitter Map

This New Year's Eve you can watch the world celebrate for 24 hours, from Australia to Hawaii, on the #happynewyear tweetmap.

The #happynewyear tweetmap is a Google Map displaying Twitter messages around the world containing the hashtag 'happynewyear'. You don't even have to wait until New Year's Eve to visit the map as people around the world are already wishing each other a happy new year.

The map uses a neat marker clustering solution that shows the number of Twitter messages at different locations. You can zoom in on the map to view the individual markers. You can also view all the posted Tweets as a heat map to see where in the world Twitter users are posting the most 'happy new year' messages.

The site also includes a number of continually updating statistics on the number of #happynewyear Tweets sent around the world and the number of those Tweets that are geo-tagged.

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