Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Maps of the Week

The most shared map from Google Maps Mania this week was this little Video Map displaying over 700 videos of landmarks around the world (yep, my map, so I win).

The map is an update of an old Google Maps API v2 map I created four years ago and have just updated to use v3 of the Maps API. The data for the map is therefore a few years old now so there might be a few deleted videos in the collection.

ClimateViewer 3D uses the Google Earth plug-in to track climate change and environmental pollution across the globe.

The application includes a large number of layers that can be viewed on a Google Earth map. These include pollution layers, weather, satellites and emergency alerts. The pollution layer includes data from the Environmental Protection Agency and a layer displaying the Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth

There are really too many layers in ClimateViewer 3D to mention them all. The application even includes the option to load your own KML files (or KML files from elsewhere on the internet) and view the file on the ClimateViewer Google Earth map. 

TripStamp is a new Google Maps application that allows anyone to easily create a digital scrapbook of their trips and travels.

Log-in to TimeStamp with your Facebook account and you can quickly start mapping your travels by adding places you have visited to your own trip map. You can add photos and videos to each place that you add to the map and you can also add your thoughts about each location.

Once you have created a map of your trip you can share your TripStamp with friends and family on your favorite social networks.

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