Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Create Your Own Street View Tour

Google has released a new method for simply creating your own custom Street View tours using Photo Spheres. Anyone with an Android phone can easily create their own 360 degree panoramic images. Now users can connect a series of these Photo Spheres, taken around the same location, and connect them together to create a Street View tour.

The tours can be created in Google Views. Users simply need to select the photo spheres from their own profile and use the new tool to connect them together. Once the Photo Spheres are connected together they appear with navigation arrows that allow you to move from one Photo Sphere to another, just as you do in Street View.

Users can then grab the embed code for a Photo Sphere and add the connected tour to their own website or blog. You can view a great example of the new Photo Spheres tour facility in this tour of Tiber Island in Rome.

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