Saturday, December 07, 2013

Mapping US Medical Prices

BetterDoctor's PriceMaps allows you to compare the cost of common medical procedures charged by hospitals throughout the USA. Simply select a condition from the drop-down menu and the price charged by hospitals across the country is displayed on the Google Map.

A green marker indicates the cheapest prices within the map's boundaries. A red marker signifies the most expensive prices. The map sidebar also displays each hospital's US News ranking and US News score.

BestMedicarePrice is a Google Map that allows you to find the prices charged by hospitals for the top 100 most frequently billed procedures.

To search the map just select a procedure from the drop-down menu. The prices charged by hospitals for the procedure are then displayed on the map. If you click on a price on the map you can view the hospital's name, the Medicare reimbursement and the actual expected cost.

The New York Times has also published an interesting Medicare Map that shows how much different hospitals charge Medicare throughout the country for the same treatment.

The map compares the charges made at 3,300 hospitals nationwide for the 100 most commonly performed treatments and procedures. The colored markers on the map show whether individual hospitals charged less than the average (blue markers), 1 to 2 times the average (yellow) or twice the national average (red).

Users can click on individual hospitals to view how much they charged Medicare in five common types of case and across a range of other types of medical case.

NerdWallet’s Best Hospitals price comparison application helps you search for prices charged by local hospitals. You can browse the application by specialty, state, or procedure.

If you search Best Hospitals by location and procedure the application will return a recommended hospital and a Google Map showing all local hospitals where the procedure is available. All the hospitals are also listed beneath the map, where you can compare the prices charged by each hospital.

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