Monday, December 02, 2013

Near Real-Time Satellite Images of Earth

On November 25th UrtheCast launched two cameras aboard a Soyuz rocket. The rocket delivered the cameras to the International Space Station where they are now being installed. Once the cameras are up and running UrtheCast will begin streaming near-realtime satellite imagery of the Earth.

UrtheCast will be providing a free live stream of imagery of the Earth from the ISS on its website. Users will be able to view the imagery live on the website. They will also be able to subscribe to receive real time notifications for their favorite locations around the world to find out when the UrtheCast cameras captures new imagery and video of the selected places.

NASA's Worldview platform allows users to browse the latest satellite imagery from NASA. NASA's satellite imagery is generally posted on Worldview within three hours of the imagery's capture.

The Worldview application includes a timeline function that allows users to view imagery taken on any day, going back to May 2012. Worldview also allows anyone to download the underlying data and use the imagery in their own applications.

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