Thursday, December 05, 2013

Salem Building Ages Mapped

This year there have been a lot of maps dedicated to showing the age of buildings around the world.

So far on Google Maps Mania we have featured: Houses of Moscow, Age of Greater Reykjavík the Five Boroughs: Building Age NYCBrooklyn’s Past and PresentCitySDK's & the The iBag Viewer age of buildings in the Netherlands, Ljubljana Building Ages, Portland, Oregon: The Age of a City and Chicago's Building Ages.

Before the year is out we have time for one more. The Salem Lots map shows the age of buildings in Salem, Oregon. The buildings on the map are color-coded to show the date of construction by decade. The map also includes a nice feature that allows users (in the know) to click on an individual building and add information about when exactly it was built.

If you click through to read the blog post on the map you can also view an interesting animation showing the development of Salem over time.

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