Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Should We Meet?

Over the years we've seen a few Google Maps that help friends or business collegues find the best place to meet based on a number of different locations. Mezzoman is a good example of this kind of map. Give Mezzoman up to four different starting points and it will work out the midway point between the locations and a number of recommended venues for your meeting.

These days however meetings take place more and more often by teleconference. What these type of meetings need is help with planning the time of the meeting, especially if the participants are dispersed across different time-zones.

World Meeting Time is a handy Google Map that can help you work out what the time is around the world for each participant in a planned meeting. All you have to do is drop pins on the map to set the location of everyone in your planned meeting.

If you then set the first participant’s reference time the times for all the other participants are automatically displayed. Adjust the time of the meeting and all the times are automatically updated to show what the time will be for everyone in the planned meeting.

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