Saturday, December 21, 2013

How the World Celebrates Christmas

Google's countdown to their live Santa Tracker today features a neat map that provides information on Christmas traditions around the world.

Click on one of the marked countries on the map and you can learn all about how the people celebrate Christmas. For example, have you heard of the Christmas Cat in Iceland who eats you if you are not equipped for the cold Christmas weather.

Reddit user rappzula has also created a couple of Christmas themed maps. Who Brings Gift to Europe? shows you the name of Santa Claus (or equivalent) in each European country. Did you know that children in Finland get their presents from the Yule Goat?

Where Does Christmas Come From? is a map of translations and the etymology of the word 'Christmas' in different European countries. For example 'Christmas, or Christ's Mass, comes from the Dutch 'Kersmisse'.

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