Monday, December 30, 2013

Map Your State Senator

The Senate Address Geo-coding Engine (SAGE) is a Google Maps based application and API that is designed to provide voters with easy access to information about New York State districts and representatives.

Enter an address into the District Lookup and you can view the state district that the address falls within and discover the State Senator for the district. The senator who represents the district is displayed in the map sidebar. Beneath the listed senator you can view the state senators for the surrounding districts.

Map Your Representatives is a handy application that helps you find out who your political representatives are, from local councilor up to the President himself, simply by clicking on a Google Map.

Enter your zip-code or address into the search bar and a pin will be dropped on your location. The page will then automatically scroll down to reveal all your local political representatives.

The map itself includes an attractive mask that creates a circular map. If you pan the map around the map marker remains in the center of the map and not on your searched for location. Simply click on the 'Update Location' button and the political representatives for the new location will be displayed on the map.

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