Saturday, November 30, 2013

Live Real-time Location Sharing

If you want to share your location with someone in real-time then you can do so quickly and for free with Track on the Map. However there are no privacy settings with Track on the Map so before adding yourself the application you need to be aware that your location will be available to the whole world.

If you have a GPS enabled device, like a mobile phone, lap-top or i-pad, you simply need to share your location with Track on the Map and your live real-time location is then instantly displayed on a Google Map. You can then share the map with anyone who you want to keep updated with your current location.

Track on the Map has no privacy controls and anyone who visits the website will also be able to see your current location, therefore I wouldn't use your real name if you choose to add a device to the map. The 'stop tracking' button is also a little slow and the application seems to take a little time to remove your marker from the map.

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