Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where in the World Guessing Games

Where is ..? is a simple Google Maps based geography guessing game. The game follows a now recognizable format for these type of Google Maps based games - the player has to point to a serious of named locations on a map and is awarded points for how near they guess to the correct location.

After five guesses you are given your overall score for the round. If you score well enough you progress to the next round. Fail to pass the round and you have to start all over again. is a great way to learn about and explore the countries of the world with Google Maps.

The country quiz is very well done. The quiz takes you through progressive stages exploring different continents and parts of the world. In each stage of the quiz users are shown a number of countries on Google Maps and told the name of each country. The user is then tested on the countries that they have been shown.

If the user answers wrongly then uses audio and text to reveal the correct answer so that learning is reinforced as the quiz progresses. is an interesting variation on the Google Maps 'find the location' game. The game allows you to set a clue about a location that you can then Tweet to your followers or share on Facebook. Your followers can then try to find your hidden location on by zooming in on a Google Map.

You can try to find locations sent to you by your friends or you can try to find any of the locations hidden by other users. When you zoom in close enough on the correct location a map marker will appear informing you that you have found the correct location.

Here's one to get you going - 'Napoleon's railway journeys to the English capital always end here.' -

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