Friday, November 08, 2013

Some Pegman Friday Fun

Pegman has returned from a five month holiday and is back working for the new look Google Maps.

Google has released Pegman's holiday snaps so that we can all share in Pegman's extended vacation. Pegman's holiday album includes 198 pictures, in which Pegman poses in many, many different costumes from his travels around the world.

Pegman did get a little help from Behance with his new look. You can read all about Redesigning Pegman on the Behance website.

You can obviously find out more about Pegman's travels around the world by exploring Street View on Google Maps. Here is the panoramic imagery from Pegman's visit to the scary Monster Mini Golf center in New Jersey.

Pegman certainly did seem to enjoy his Halloween this year. Here is the Street View from his visit to the Cafe Teatro Delicatessen in Spain. This is one frightening looking cafe.

Via: Google Street View World

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