Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mapping the Exchange of Bitcoin

The peer-to-peer currency Bitcoin has been hitting the news quite a lot recently. As the currency becomes more well known I've begun to see more and more Bitcoin related maps.

Want we really need is a Bitcoin Treasure Map that shows the location of the $6.5 million dollars of Bitcoins buried in a landfill site in Wales.  Unfortunately that map doesn't exist but I can point you towards some real-time maps of Bitcoin transactions and a map of establishments where Bitcoins are accepted.

CoinStream is a Google Map of Bitcoin transactions happening around the world. The map includes a number of filters that allow the user to refine the value, fees and number of results displayed on the map. You can also mouse-over any of the markers displayed on the map to view the value of the transaction undertaken at that location.

Fiatleak is another real-time map of Bitcoin transactions. Fiatleak however displays the exchange of world currencies into Bitcoins. The value of the Bitcoins is displayed in green and the last exchange rate for each currency is shown in purple and updated in real-time.

BitcoinMaps is a Google Map of establishments around the world that accept Bitcoins. Anyone can add an establishment to the map by filling in a short form. If you select an establishment on the map you can view the establishment's details beneath the map.

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