Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dropping the F-Bomb Map

What the world needs is a FBomb Map - a real-time f#cking map of the world that shows where people are dropping the f-bomb in their Tweets.

Luckily Martin Gingras has created just such a map. The map includes little animated nuclear explosions that appear on the map each time the f-bomb is dropped somewhere in the world. I left the map running for a little while and I can attest that Americans are the most profane and that the Aussies never swear (or they might all be asleep).

Lovers of the profane might also appreciate Where the Fuck Should I Go For Drinks?, a very simple Google Maps based application that will very rudely tell you where you can get a drink. If you are hungry then you could also try Where the Fuck Should I go To Eat?

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