Thursday, November 07, 2013

Using WebGL Map Markers on Google Maps

Spain's main cable TV provider Ono has released a nicely designed Google Map to help their WiFi customers easily see where coverage is available.

Ono Wifi provides users with a searchable map of local WiFi coverage. Users can search the map by keyword, location or category and instantly see the different categories of WiFi hotspots displayed on the map.

The hotspots are generated on the map in real-time using WebGL and the hotspot circles are re-sized on the fly as the user zooms in and out on the map. Because WebGL in not 100% compatible with IE9 or IE10 in these browsers the hotpots are created using a simple overlay. IE8 cannot handle WebGL at all so on computers still using IE8 the hotspots are pre-rendered using a GroundOverlay.

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