Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Google Autocomplete Map

The USA and Saudi Arabia are evil, the UK is finished and of course Greece is the word.

If you want to know what the English speaking world thinks of your country just use Google and autocomplete will do its best to tell you. The Autcomplete Map is a Google Map of sometimes funny and sometimes insulting Google autocomplete suggestions for countries around the world.

If your country isn't on the map it's because it's too small and insignificant for anyone to bother searching for. Joke! Seriously - there are a lot of countries in the world and I haven't had time to map them all. I also got bored of the '(name of country) is boring' or '(name of country) is evil' responses from autocomplete so I stopped adding them to the map.

At the risk of upsetting many citizens of the world I haven't always selected the top answer from Google. I tried to avoid too much repetition and just occasionally, where the second, third or fourth autocomplete suggestion seemed more appropriate, I decided to use that instead.

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