Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last Chance to See

Google will stop supporting the Google Maps API v2 on November 19th. This means that you only have a few days left to upgrade your v2 maps to v3 of the Maps API.

All applications still using v2 will from the 19th be served a special, wrapped version of the v3 API instead. This wrapped version of the API will work for the most simple maps but is not likely to work for a lot of applications. If you still need to upgrade your maps to v3 then you might want to have a look at Google's guide to upgrading.

If Google's guide to upgrading doesn't help then your best bet is to ask for help on Stack Overflow (use the google-maps tag).

None of my maps using Google Maps API v2 get much traffic these day. I'm therefore leaving them alone as I'm intrigued to see which ones will break and which ones Google's wrapper will save. One map which I'm pretty certain will stop working is my Star Viewer app. This was one of my own most viewed maps (back in the day). Therefore if you want one last chance to view some amazing astronomical animated videos on top of Google Sky you only have two days left to visit, before it implodes into the black hole of Google's deprecation.

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