Monday, November 11, 2013

Mapping the Super Zips

The Washington Post has mapped the zip-code areas in the USA that rank highest for income and college education. The map displays the nation’s 650 Super Zips, those are the zip-code areas where people rank highest on a combination of income and education.

The Washington: A World Apart map shows a long corridor of affluence running from New York to Washington DC. The accompanying article from the Post looks in particular at the third of zip-code areas in D.C. which rank in the top 5 percent for income and education.

Users of the map can search the map by any zip-code to find out the zip-code ranking for their area. If you click on a zip-code area on the map you can view the median household income and the percentage of college graduates in the area. It is also possible to view a breakdown of the percentages in each household group and the percentages in each educational attainment group.

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