Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Indoor Street View Booking System

I really don't have much desire to review the inside of most businesses and stores on Street View before I visit. However when I'm eating in a restaurant I do actually like to sit in a nice environment. I can therefore see the benefit of scoping out what a restaurant looks like on Street View before visiting.

Similarly if you own a great looking restaurant Google Business Photos is a great way to showcase your restaurant to potential customers. The restaurant GOSP in Denmark has taken this concept a stage further and actually use indoor Street View as a table booking system. Not only can potential customers take a tour around the restaurant in Google Maps Street View, but if they like the look of a particular table they can click on an overlaid marker and book that table for lunch or dinner.

The Google Business Photos Booking System was developed by Big-e, an e-business online development team. I can see a huge potential for such a booking system not only for restaurants but for booking stadium and theater seats.

Indoor Street View is now available in a large number of theaters and stadiums around the world. If you are about to book a ticket for a concert or sporting event in a huge stadium wouldn't it be great to be able to tour the stadium first in Street View and check out the possible view from individual seats before booking your ticket?

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