Friday, April 24, 2015

Android Pisses All Over Apple

Google Maps has plotted out a new park in Pakistan which looks incredibly like the Android logo pissing on the Apple logo. Check-out it out now because I have a feeling this park will soon be gone from Google Maps.

Google's Map Maker program allows anyone to make corrections to Google Maps. Any changes made using Google Map Maker need to be reviewed before they actually get added to the data on Google Maps. The pissing Android logo was created by Google Map Maker contributor 'nitricboy'.

My guess is that nitricboy will be now losing their permission to add changes to Google Maps. However I don't think that they will be too upset judging by this other little edit that they have made to Google Maps in Pakistan (pictured above).

This isn't the first time that pranksters have managed to circumvent the Google Map Maker's review process. In July of last year a user managed to add a Tardis and a Cyberman to Google Maps in Wales (sadly both the Tardis & Cyberman were quickly removed by the spoilsports at Google).

Late last year someone also managed to add a picture of a cat to Google Maps in Auckland, New Zealand.

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