Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Canadian First Nations Map is a Google Map of First Nation territories, languages and treaties in Canada. It also provides an extensive 'resources' page linking to many other websites about First Nation territories and languages.

Using the map layer buttons it is possible to view any combination of the three layers on the map. The 'Nations' layer provides a guide to the territories occupied by the different First Nation nations, clans and tribes in Canada. The 'Languages' layer provides an overview of where the different First Nation languages were spoken.

Pan Inuit Trails is a Google Map of Inuit trails and place-names in the Canadian Arctic, including Inuit waters, coasts and lands based on written historical records.

The Inuit trails shown on the map include boat routes, walking trails and sled trails which connected the Inuit people with resources and with other Inuit. The Inuit place-names and trails are based on written records and maps from the 19th and 20th centuries.

You can search the map by clicking on the trails or places displayed on the map or by searching by keyword. You can also turn on the 'Maps' layer which reveals the bounding boxes of the original historical maps. If you select a map bounding box outline you can view the original map in the sidebar.

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