Tuesday, April 07, 2015

UK Election Maps - All Bets Are On

The UK general election is now only one month away. At this stage in the campaign trail we would usually expect to see a few election maps released by the polling companies. This election however seems to be dominated by maps from betting companies, showing who the betting markets think will win the UK election.

Bet 2015 has released a UK map showing who they think will each parliamentary seat based on the bets placed on individual candidates. The Bet 2015 map predicts that the Labour Party will win exactly one more seat than the Conservative Party.

Each constituency on the map is coloured to show the party of the predicted winner. You can also change the map view to show the current holder of each seat.

UK betting company Ladbrokes has also released a UK map coloured by the current Ladbrokes favourite for each parliamentary seat.

The Interactive Election Map allows you to select individual seats on the map to view the latest odds for each candidate contesting the seat. The map also shows the current holder of the seat and the size of their majority.

The Ladbrokes Interactive Election Map predicts that the Conservative Party will win the most seats in the UK election. The map shows the Conservative Party winning four more seats than the Labour Party.

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