Friday, April 17, 2015

On Broadway - The Street View Interactive

In 1966 American artist Ed Ruscha created a 25 foot long panoramic photograph showing both sides of the Sunset Strip. His 'Every Building on the Sunset Strip' is a continuous photographic view of the iconic mile and half stretch of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Inspired by Ruscha's photo Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur and Lev Manovich decided to create an interactive installation of the 13 miles of Broadway that span Manhattan. The result is On Broadway, a new type of city view which allows you to explore Broadway through Google Street View and Instagram photographs.

On Broadway is a continuous side view of Broadway created from placing Google Maps Street View images of the street side-by-side. The interactive includes Google Street View images of the facades of buildings along Broadway, a color palette of the facade colors, social media and taxi statistics, Instagram photographs and a color palette of the Instagram photographs.

Each layer in the interactive is a separate canvas layer. You can zoom in and out of each image in the interactive. You can also navigate to neighborhoods along Broadway by using the neighborhoods links running along the bottom of the interactive.

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