Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Abbey Road Magical Street View Tour

You can now see inside the famous Abbey Roads music studios in London on Google Maps Street View. You can even lay down a few tracks yourself during your virtual tour, using the embedded virtual mixing decks.

Inside Abbey Road allows you to explore around Abbey Road's four main studios using Google's panoramic imagery. During your virtual stroll around Abbey Road you will encounter a number of map markers which let you view videos of famous musicians performing and recording in the studios.

Take up a position behind one of the mixing decks in a studio control room and you can even play around with the mixing deck. Here you can practice your mixing skills by adjusting the volumes of the different instruments and vocal tracks.

Walk into the Mastering room and you get to experience a video Street View, a panoramic video featuring a sound engineer in action. The Mastering room also includes a number of information map markers which explain some of the secrets of sound recording and production, such as the invention of stereo and the making of vinyl records.

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