Thursday, April 02, 2015

The 2015 ATP World Tour

The 2015 ATP global elite professional tennis tour is now well under way. You can explore the tournaments and venues that play host to the world’s greatest players on the ATP World Tour Venue Map.

The ICA Map Commission on Map Design praised the map this week for its "clean and clear design". This clean design is most immediately apparent in the attractive circular image map markers (if you want to learn how to create custom image map markers for the Google Maps API you should have a look at this tutorial, Getting Creative with the Google Maps API).

The map also uses a clear numbered cluster marker system, with the numbers indicating how many markers are in each cluster. Clicking on a numbered marker zooms the map to reveal the individual markers within each cluster. The markers are also clearly categorized, with the color of each marker indicating the category of tournament. The category which each color represents is readily apparent from the tournament categories in the map sidebar.

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