Friday, April 03, 2015

Map Happy

The happy people of the world just cannot stop sharing their happy videos. in 2013 Pharrell Williams released a 24 hour video of his song Happy. In 24 Hours of Happy you are dropped into a position in the video based on your local time. If you don't want to watch the full 24 hours of the video you can use the stop-clock control to navigate to any point within the 24 hours of the video.

One result of the video and Pharrell's song was that people around the world decided to make their own Happy videos. We Are Happy From is an Esri map featuring some of these global video responses. Click on any  marker on the map and you can watch people around the world getting down to Pharrell's Happy song.

Inspired by all this happy video mapping Pharrell Williams and the United Nations Foundation this year invited everyone to a Global Happy Party for the International Day of Happiness, 2015. In response thousands of people around the world created videos of their happy dances.

Click on a location on the Global Happy Party Google Map and you can view GIFs of all the people who sent in their happy dances at that location beneath the map.

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