Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Transit Map Quiz

Can you recognize a city purely from its transit network? Well you can now find out if you can on this fun Google Maps based quiz, Guess the City by Transit Stops.

The game is very simple. You are shown a series of maps which only contain a city's transit stops. You are then given a choice of four cities to pick from. Guess the right city and you get a point. There are five cities in each level and four levels in all. However be warned the quiz gets more difficult with each level.

I'm not that familiar with America's transit systems so I got a little frustrated with the quiz. I thought that I might do better recognizing the transit systems of some of the world's major cities. So I decided to create my own transit system game.

I used the Google Maps Styled Maps Wizard to create a blank Google Map. I then simply turned on the transit layer. This results in a Google Map which just shows a city's transit system. I didn't have enough to time to actually create the game but I think it's kind of fun exploring cities on Transit Lines.

If you also find Guess the City by Transit Stops a little too difficult then you might prefer the Washington Post's Street Map Quiz.

The Washington Post has created a number of maps showing only city streets and no other features. Your task in this quiz is to try and name each city map from only the pattern of its roads. Some of the city maps are easier than others. However, even if you don't recognize a map, you still have a chance of picking the correct city from the choice of four answers.

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