Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Commuting in DC

The District of Columbia's Department of Transport has released a comprehensive visualization of commuting, congestion and transportation in the nation's capital. District Mobility: Multimodal Transportation in the District is divided into a number of different stories, examining different aspects of the transportation system’s congestion, reliability, and accessibility.

Each of the stories are accompanied by interactive maps which help to illustrate the city's busiest and most reliable roads and public transit routes. The maps and the stories do a good job in providing an overview of how the city's transportation networks operate and how they are used.

However this report is probably not the best place to go if you want to explore the city's transportation data in detail yourself. The lack of place labels on the map means that you need to have a good knowledge of Washington's geography and roads to read the maps/ Also very few of the map overlays are interactive so you can;t drill down to view the actual data displayed, This is partially offset on some of the maps by markers highlighting the busiest intersections and stops in the city.

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