Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New York in 3D

New York is the city where construction never sleeps. If you want to keep track of the endless pace of new builds in Lower Manhattan you can use Downtown Alliance's new 3D map which tracks the urban landscape in the area of New York below Chambers Street.

LM3D maps all current and future developments in Lower Manhattan. It also allows you to analyse building use within the area, as it visualizes all residential, office, and hotel properties in the neighborhood, as well as restaurants, retailers, transit and open space sites.

At the heart of LM3D is a Cesium powered 3D map of New York based on OpenStreetMap data. All the buildings on the map are interactive. You can select a building on the map to view details on the building's square footage, construction date, floor count and building use. The map menu also allows you to analyze Lower Manhattan's buildings in a variety of ways, including the option to filter the buildings of Lower Manhattan by land use.

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