Monday, February 27, 2017

Harriet Tubman - An American Hero

Harriet Tubman is an American hero. She escaped from slavery in 1849. She then went on to use the Underground Railroad to personally help around seventy other people escape from slavery. During the American Civil War she also worked as a scout, spy and nurse for the United States Army.

Ron Stodghill in Harriet Tubman's Path to Freedom examines the extraordinary life of Harriet Tubman. In this New York Times article Stodghill travels through Maryland's Eastern Shore. He uses the journey to visit some of the locations important in Harriet Tubman's life and to tell the story of how she managed to escape from slavery and go on to free other slaves. He also visits some of the other locations in the area that played an important role in the Underground Railroad.

Harriet Tubman's Path to Freedom uses a simple story map format to show the locations in Stodghill's journey through the places important to Harriet Tubman's life. As you progress through the article the background map updates to show the locations visited by Stodghill and flashing markers help to highlight these locations on the map.

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