Monday, February 27, 2017

Where's Everyone Moving?

In the UK when people move house they often give their new address to the post office. This enables the Royal Mail to redirect any mail posted to their old address to their new home. It also means that the post office has a lot of data about where people move from and where they move to in the UK.

The Royal Mail has used data from over a million of these redirection applications to create the Redirection Moving Map. The Redirection Moving Map allows you to enter any UK postcode and view a map showing where people have moved to in the UK from that address. It also allows you to see where people who have moved to that address have moved from.

On top of the map you can also view a few overall statistics about the total number of moves in and out of the postcode area. This includes the average distance moved to and from the area, the shortest distance moved, the greatest distance moved and the total number of house moves.

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