Monday, February 20, 2017

Powered by Wind

This US Wind Turbine Industry map provides an overview of the location and capacity of wind farms in the USA. The map plots the location of individual wind turbines across the country, colored by manufacturer.

The links at the top of the map allow you to quickly zoom the map to the largest wind farms in the USA. When you zoom in on a wind farm the inset information window updates to show the capacity of the wind farm and the name of the owner. A list of all the wind turbine manufactures is shown to the right of the map. You can select individual wind turbine manufacturers from this list to add or remove them from the map.

The data for the map is from Scientific Data. It is from March 2014 so is almost three years old.

The United Kingdom generates a higher percentage of its electricity from offshore wind farms than any other country. You can view the current output of the UK's offshore wind farms on this Offshore Wind Electricity Map.

The map shows the locations of the UK's offshore wind farms. Each wind farm is represented on the map by a scaled animated wind turbine marker. The size of the marker represents the scale of the current output from each wind farm. If you select a marker on the map you can view the name of the wind farm and its current output in megawatts.

The map sidebar shows a dashboard reading of the share of the UK's electricity currently being generated by offshore wind. If you select a marker on the map the dashboard updates to show the operator of the selected wind farm, the site capacity, the number of turbines and the type of turbines.

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