Thursday, February 02, 2017

Mapping Air Pollution in 3D

London's major roads become towering infernos of unbreathable air on this 3D map of air pollution in the capital. The London Atmospheric Emissions in 3D interactive map plots the Greater London Authority's projected NO2 emissions for the year 2020.

Using the map you can view the locations in London with the worst projected air pollution. The map includes a few quick links to some of the most polluted locations in the city, such as the Dartford Crossing (on London's M25 orbital motorway) and around Heathrow Airport. The map also includes a search option so you can quickly find other London locations on the map.

The data for the map comes from the London Datastore. The 3d visualization of this data was made possible using Mapbox GL's extrude property.

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