Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Travel Time Location Search

TravelTime is a new location search engine which allows you to find places by travel time. It allows you to find locations by the amount of time it will take to walk, cycle, drive or get public transport to.

If you share your location with TravelTime you can view an isochrone map showing you how far you can travel in a set amount of time. For example you can select to view where you could walk within 15 minutes. But that's not all. TravelTime also allows you to search for venues and points of interest within your allocated travel time. So, for example, you can ask TravelTime to show you all the coffee shops within 15 minutes walk of your current location.

TravelTime isn't finished yet. It also allows you to add other locations to the map and search the travel times from the new location as well. This means that you can add a friend's location to the map and search for coffee shops within a 15 minutes walk of their location. You can then see the locations on the map where your 15 walk area overlaps with the 15 minute walk area of your friend. You can also see where all the coffee shops are that both you and your friend can reach within 15 minutes. Any of these could be a great place for you and your friend to arrange to meet.

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