Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Glasgow on the Run

The Urban Big Data Centre has released an interactive map visualizing cycling and running data in the Scottish city of Glasgow, The map uses data from users of the Strava running and cycling tracking application to show the most popular places for cycling and jogging.

Glasgow in Motion allows you to select either cycling or running / walking and view an animated map showing the most popular routes used by Strava users. As the animated timeline plays you can observe not only the most popular places for cycling & running in the city but also the most busy hours of the day and days of the week, The map also includes weather data so you can observe how different weather conditions effect the popularity of cycling and running.

It is interesting to see how cycling and running activity changes through the course of a day and on different days of the week. For example this time element allows you to observe popular commuting routes for cyclists.  However the map doesn't include an option to view a heatmapvisualization of the overall data in one go. This would provide an interesting overview of the most popular cycling and running locations in the city for all Strava users.

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