Friday, February 24, 2017

Sounds of the City - Mixing Desk

You can become your own urban DJ and remix the sounds of the world's cities on the Soundcities Herd Above the Noise map. This map lets you play and remix sound recordings captured in thousands of different urban landscapes around the globe.

Soundcities – Herd Above The Noise uses the Sound Cities extensive database of geo-tagged sound recordings to take you on an animated audio tour of the cities of the world. What's more using the map you can remix the thousands of found sounds and field recordings from around the world to create your own global city soundscape.

Herd Above the Noise can be controlled by selecting sounds from the markers on the map or by selecting from the two overlaid word clouds (locations and categories of sound). Alternatively you can just sit back and listen to the map in 'auto' mode. If you don't interact with the map then Herd Above the Noise will automatically take you on a journey around the world mixing together random sound recordings from random cities as you travel across the globe.

If you want to you can also become a natural soundscape DJ by remixing the natural sounds recorded around the world by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

GBIF Soundscape uses sound recordings from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility website to reconstruct the natural soundscapes of different regions around the world. Using the GBIF Soundscape map you can create your own mix of bird and frog sound recordings.

Select a region from the map and you can listen to a mix of all the bird and frog sounds which have been added to the GBIF data records at that location. At each location you can listen to all the recordings playing at once or create your own mix from the available recordings. You can also click on the 'random' button to listen to a random mix from a location's sound recordings.

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