Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Aged in Spain Live Mainly on the Plain

The over 65's make up the majority of the population in 10 percent of census areas in Spain. Many of these neighborhoods with an aged population are in rural areas, such as Galicia and along the Mediterranean Coast. However it isn't true to say that the old in Spain live mainly on the plain. Many cities, like Burgos, Leon, Salamanca and Valladolid also have a high number of retirees living in the city center.

One of the key revelations in El Confidencial's interactive map What is the most common age of your neighbors? is that city centers in Spain tend to be populated by older residents and Millennials. Young families in Spain tend to live in the suburbs of cities where property prices are cheaper. Neighborhoods in city centers tend to be more popular with both Millennials and the elderly.

Each census tract on El Confiencial's map is colored according to the age group which is the most populous in that area. Using the interactive map you can select any census tract in Spain to see which age group is the most populous in that neighborhood.

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