Thursday, June 08, 2017

3D Mapping with NASA

NASA's World Wind is a free, open source platform for creating interactive 3D globes. It can be used as a tool for visualizing global data on top of a fully interactive 3D globe or 2D map.

You can get a good idea of the capabilities of NASA World Wind by looking at some of the applications that have been built using its API. WorldWind Explorer is a basic demo which shows how different base maps can be used and how different overlays and datasets can then be visualized on top of these base maps. NASA World Weather uses World Wind to visualize and display climate and weather data around the world. SpaceBirds is an impressive visualization of all the satellites orbiting the Earth.

To get started with World Wind you will probably want to have a look at the web Developers Guide. You also might like to check out the WebWorldWind GitHub repository and the World Wind Forum to get help from other users of NASA's interactive 3D globe platform.

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