Friday, June 30, 2017

Fried Chicken Route Planners

A Fried Chicken Route Planner is a variation on the much loved Pub crawl route planning map. Instead of creating a pub crawl route around a number of pubs or bars the Fried Chicken Route Planner creates a mapped route taking in some of the best fried chicken restaurants.

A good example of a Fried Chicken Route Planner is the Post & Courier's Backroads Fried Chicken map (in fact it might be the only example of a Fried Chicken Route Planner). The Backroads Fried Chicken map can provide a route from any address in South Carolina to 17 of the best fried chicken restaurants in the state.

The 17 fried chicken restaurants on your route have all been chosen by the Post & Courier's food critic Hanna Raskin. As you progress through the route you can view the address and opening hours of each individual restaurant. If stopping and eating at 17 different fried chicken restaurants in one car journey strikes you as being a bit too self-indulgent then you might want to restrict yourself to eating at Hanna's pick of the top five restaurants. These are listed and reviewed below the map.

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