Saturday, July 01, 2017

Tour de France Interactive Maps

The Tour de France starts today in Dusseldorf. Stage one of the race is an 8.7 mile individual time trial. This is just the beginning of a three-week race in which the riders will ride over 2,200 miles.

Esri UK has released a basic Tour de France 2017 Route map showing the individual routes for all the different stages. Each route includes a marker which indicates if the stage is a time-trial, flat, hilly or mountain stage. If you click on the marker you can read a brief description of the stage, including its major challenges. The time control at the bottom of the map is handy if you want to quickly find a stage by today's date.

Velowire has more detailed route maps for each stage of the race. The Velowire Google Maps for each stage include the locations of any climbs and sprints on a stage and the location of feeding zones. Velowire has also created individual elevation charts for each stage. The BBC's Tour de France 2017: Stage-by-Stage Guide also has elevation charts for each stage, which are accompanied by cyclist Rob Hayles guide to each stage.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest news then you will probably want to download the official app. The Official Tour de France apps for Android and iPhone include route maps, live commentary, video highlights and live GPS tracking of the riders.

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