Sunday, July 09, 2017

Cesium 3D Mapping Explodes

Cesium 1.35 has been released. The latest version of the popular 3d mapping platform has two big additions. The most eye catching improvement to Cesium is a new particle system for 3d effects (such as smoke, fire, and sparks). Equally impressive is the inclusion of support for 3d tiles. This enables users to map 3d models much more efficiently in Cesium.

You can play with the new ParticleSystem in action in this sandbox demo. This demo uses the particle system to add an on-board fire to a 3d model of an aircraft. The sandbox demo allows you to play with the rate, size and speed of the particles. The demo should give you some good ideas about the sort of effects that are now possible in Cesium's 3d maps.

The Cesium demos page has a number of examples using 3d tiles. The demos page is also a great place to browse to see what other kinds of applications and visualizations are possible with Cesium's open-source JavaScript library for 3d globes and maps.

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