Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Tour de Where in France

Le Monde has created a fascinating map showing how often the Tour de France has visited each département in France. How Many Times has the Tour de France Visited Your Département? provides a choropleth view of the départements most used in the world's greatest cycling race.

The map includes a timeline tool which allows you to view the tour's favorite places to visit for any period in the race's history. As you can see in the screenshot above (showing every year of the Tour de France) the départements around the edge of France tend to see the Tour de France more than the départements in the country's interior.

This pattern was even more pronounced in the earliest years of the Tour de France. Adjust the timeline on the map to view the first ten years of the race (1903-1913) and that ring around the external border of France is even more pronounced.

The two départements which have been most ignored by the Tour de France don't actually feature on this map. The two départements on the island of Corsica have only seen the race once, when it visited in 2013. The least visited département on the mainland of France is Indre, which has only featured in 8 of the 104 Tour de France races.

The département which features most in the Tour de France is the département where every race finishes. If you don't know where that is you can find out where this year's Tour de France finishes on this Esri UK Tour de France 2017 Route map.

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