Monday, July 17, 2017

Mapping Marine Metals

The Royal Society has been exploring the future possible exploitation of the world's oceans. The Royal Society's 'Future of Oceans' project in particular examines two ocean based resources - "metals from the deep ocean floor and the application of the genetics and chemicals produced by marine life".

The Future Oceans Resources Map is used to visualize where these marine resources exist in the world's oceans. The map includes a a guided tour which introduces the possibilities for the sustainable exploitation of minerals and chemicals from the oceans. The Royal Society argues that the exploitation of chemicals is likely to have a minimal impact on marine environments while exploiting marine metals could have a much larger impact on marine environments.

The tour explores where these resources exist in the oceans, who owns these resources and how their exploitation can be regulated. The tour also explores the variety of different marine environments around the world. It highlights how the exploitation of mineral resources could effect these environments & marine life and therefore the potential for the genetic and chemical exploitation of the oceans.

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