Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Find a City's Hotspots

CityHeat can help you find the parts of a town or city that are best suited to you and your interests. As well as finding the best neighborhoods for your tastes it can also find you the perfect hotel for your stay.

To find the locations in a town best suited to your interests and tastes you just need to tell CityHeat what you want to do on your visit. CityHeat can create local heatmaps for any type of venue. For example, if you want to stay somewhere with plenty of places to eat then you can enter 'restaurants'. CityHeat will then show you a heatmap showing where restaurants are concentrated in your searched town.

Alternatively if you want to work-out you could enter 'gyms' to find out the areas with the most gyms. You can enter as many requirements as you want into CityHeat to find the areas with the biggest concentration of all your interests.

CityHeat can show you details of individual venues suiting your tastes. It will also show you all the local hotels in any of the areas that you have identified as a good place to stay. You can even click through to book your stay at your new favorite hotel in your new favorite part of town.

I haven't looked under the hood of CityHeat but I suspect it uses the Google Places API to identify the city hotspots and the individual venues.

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