Monday, July 10, 2017

Has Your House Price Recovered?

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies has released an interactive map which reveals where house prices in the United States have recovered to their turn of the century levels and where the housing market has yet to recover. How Much Have Home Prices Changed provides two map views. One compares current house prices to house prices in the year 2000. The other compares house prices now to their mid-2000's peak.

Much of the west coast has seen the best recovery in the housing market since 2000. For example properties in LA and San Francisco have both seen more than a 40% increase in value over their 2000 levels. However while real-estate in San Francisco has shown an increase above their prior peaks in the mid-2000's the property market in LA is still down on its peak level.

Across the whole USA only 15 percent of metro areas have recovered to pass their mid-2000's peak. For example, in much of Florida house prices are at least 26% down on their peak levels.

You can click on individual metro area on the map to view details on the price change since 2000 and the area's peak. You can also discover when the peak month was in the selected metro area.

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