Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Slow Down Mapbox

You've probably seen by now at least one of the ever popular animated weather maps that have emerged in the last few years. You can see examples at Earth.nullschool.netWindyty and VentuSky. Each of these maps include impressive animated cloud layers. However they aren't as fast as this super fast animated weather map.

I love the speed of this animated map. It is also pretty neat to be able to actually change the color of the animated clouds.

I'm not entirely sure how the map works. It looks to be using either an animated PNG image or a series of images being used to create the animation. The image(s) is then overlaid on the map as a canvas element. Once loaded into the canvas layer the user can then use the rgb controls to adjust the color of the image(s) on top of the map.

Of course you could always just add a video as an overlay on the map but, after seeing this map, that feels like cheating.

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