Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Bloomberg's Perspective on Climate Change

Bloomberg's Climate Change in Perspective is an interesting mapped visualization of the effects of climate change around the world. This interactive visualization uses the story map format with a 3d globe to explore the causes of climate change and how it is effecting planet Earth.

As you progress through the story map the 3d globe spins and zooms to highlight different locations around the world. The globe zooms into photographs illustrating locations where climate change is already having a noticeable effect and uses timeline visualizations to illustrate the effects of climate change over time.

Climate Change in Perspective includes a visualization of the effect of rising global temperatures on Arctic sea ice coverage. This visualization uses a timeline control to show how Arctic sea ice coverage has shrunk over recent years. Another timeline shows how CO2 emissions have increased in countries around the world since 1990. This section also includes an animation of CO2 emissions traveling around the world over the course of one year.

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