Sunday, July 30, 2017

Where's JFK?

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum want your help in mapping every single place in the world named for President Kennedy. Where in the World is JFK? shows the locations of schools, streets, parks and centers around the globe which bear the former president's name.

If you want to help the museum map some of the locations that they haven't discovered yet then you could explore Slate's Every John F. Kennedy Street, Park, Airport, and School in the World map. Slate used OpenStreetMap data to find points of interest named 'Kennedy' around the world for their map. Only those locations that could be verified as being named for JFK were added to the map.

You could also use Where the Streets Have Your Name to find more locations named for JFK. Where the Streets Have Your Name is a great application that you can use to create a Google Map showing all the places around the world that have your name. This map also uses OSM data to map locations.

Where the Streets Have Your Name can be used to find locations with any other name. You can use it to find places with your own name or to find all the places named after President Trump (hint: there are't any).

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