Monday, July 03, 2017

Traffic Accidents in Flanders

A new interactive map allows you to view and analyse where Belgium road traffic accidents happen by day of the week and by the hour of the day. Verkeersongevallen Interactief in Kaart Gebracht shows where traffic accidents occurred in the Flanders region from 2014-2016.

The interactive map provides a heatmap view of where traffic accidents happened during this period. The map includes a number of filter controls which really allow you to explore the data in detail. As well as being able to filter the accidents shown on the map by day of the week you can also filter the accidents shown by road condition, maximum speed, by the severity of the injury and by the weather conditions.

This visualization of Belgium traffic accidents was created using WebGLayer a JavaScript library for visualizing large spatial datasets. WebGLayer can be used with different mapping platforms and the documentation includes examples using Leaflet.js and the Google Maps API. The WebGLayer also includes a very similar mapped visualization of traffic accidents for the city of Birmingham in the UK.

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