Monday, July 31, 2017

The Beer Capital of the USA

Santa Rosa is the beer capital of the USA. The Pudding has mapped microbreweries across the country and determined that if you love craft beer then you should move to this Californian town.

In What City is the Microbrewery Capital of the US The Pudding looks at the number and quality of microbreweries and brewpubs to determine the top 50 cities for beer drinkers. Using The Pudding's criteria San Diego comes second, with Denver coming in third.

You don't have to agree with The Pudding's judgement. In fact What City is the Microbrewery Capital of the USA includes an interactive visualization which allows you to use your own criteria. This visualization allows you to adjust the weighting between the quantity and quality of microbreweries in a city. It then shows you the top 15 beer cities in the USA using your criteria.

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